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BRITs Critics’ Choice shortlist announced

By | Published on Thursday 27 November 2014

BRITs Critics Choice

Music critics hey, what are we to do with them all? Wildly choosing things as they do. Like which buzzy new artists are sufficiently buzzy and new and artist-like to justify being given a BRIT Award before they’ve even departed Buzzville.

Those crazy critics. They should get themselves proper jobs. And quickly. Every magazine and newspaper in the world is due to crash into oblivion next March. Apart from Vice. They’ve got all that venture capital money. They’ll be haemorrhaging their way through that mountain of cash for a good while yet.

Anyway, the music critics of Britain have rallied together in a Band Aid style fashion, though without any bid to save the world (or rile their colleagues on the op-ed pages), and have selected the three buzzy new artists that deserve the Brits Critics’ Choice Award 2015.

Though only one of the three can actually have the big prize. I’m not sure how they pick the final winner. Though it possibly involves a fist fight between the nominees in a basement car park. Refereed by Mike Williams and John Doran. With Alexis Petridis doing refreshments and Simon Price looking out for the cops.

But until the Mastercard Fist Fight decides the winner, all three nominees can enjoy the warm glow of being ‘chosen’ by the critics. Imagine the honour. Second guess the privilege. Would you ever believe it? Here are some quotes from the shortlisted artists…

James Bay: “I still can’t believe it. As much as I hoped, being nominated for the BRITs Critics’ Choice Award is not something I ever imagined would actually happen. What a huge honour”.

George The Poet: “I feel privileged to have been shortlisted for the BRITs Critics’ Choice Award. I always dreamed of reaching people and this nomination shows me that I’m on track”.

Years & Years: “Having grown up watching the BRITs we’re unbelievably honoured and to be honest quite overwhelmed to be included in the Critics’ Choice Award. We’re so grateful to be making music and having this sort of recognition is crazy and ridiculous and nuts in a really good way. Thanks BRITs!”