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Browse the revamped CMU Library

By | Published on Wednesday 21 July 2021

CMU Library

The CMU Library has been reorganised and revamped. This is the online educational resource for the music industry that makes it easier to access all the guides, reports, slides and other resources that are available from CMU, our consultancy unit CMU Insights, and our new talent programme CMU:DIY.

The Library is now organised into eight sections covering different aspects of the music business including music copyright, the record industry, the music publishing sector, the streaming business, the live music sector, the direct-to-fan business, music marketing, and an overview of the wider music industry.

For each section there is a super-concise overview and then links to where you can access and download the guides, reports, slides and other resources. Check out the CMU Library here and why not go premium with CMU to be able to access all the resources?