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Bryan Adams signs with BMG for his next album

By | Published on Thursday 29 July 2021

Bryan Adams

Bryan Adams has signed one of those global agreements to release his next album with BMG and – we can confirm, just for you, right about now, in case you wondered – the musician is “delighted” about the deal.

The delight might be partly caused by the novelty. As BMG notes in its official announcement, this is the musician’s “first new label deal in more than 40 years”. In fact, Adams had been working with previous label Universal Music for so long, Universal Music didn’t even exist when he first signed with the major. It wasn’t even a major back then. And not just because it didn’t exist.

Basically, Adams signed to A&M Records in 1978. A&M Records got bought by Polygram. Polygram got bought by Seagram. Seagram got bought by Vivendi. And somewhere in the middle of all that the Universal Music Group was created. And then it got sold to Tencent. Well, a bit of it did. The rest got listed on a stock exchange. Although, now this story has somehow got itself into the future.

So forget all that. The point is, throughout all that corporate shenanigans, Adams continued to play his guitar and sing his songs, oblivious to it all, until one day, four decades later, he declared to the world: “Fuck this, I’m going to BMG”. Or words to that effect.

“I’m delighted to join the BMG team”, says he. “I can’t wait for everyone to hear the new music”.

“I look forward to working with the BMG team in this next chapter of Bryan’s career”, adds Adams’ longtime manager Bruce Allen.

And now here’s BMG’s Thomas Scherer with a quote: “As soon as we met with Bryan and his team to listen to the album, we instantly connected with the songs. This record is the perfect showcase of his exceptional artistry, performing all the music while also producing. We are very proud to welcome him to BMG, his first new label home in 40 years, and provide our best-in-class global service to a global superstar of his stature”.