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BTS’s J-Hope enters military service

By | Published on Tuesday 18 April 2023


BTS member J-Hope has only gone and joined the army. So that’s one more gone. He’ll be back in two years though, never fear. We know this because he wrote it on a wall.

He announced a month ago that he had decided to become the second member of the group to sign up to South Korea’s mandatory military service. Not least because he is running out of time to meet the deadline to do so before he turns 30.

“I love you Army”, he announced in a message written on a wall and shared on Instagram. He’s referring to the BTS fanbase there, of course. Not the actual army. He hasn’t had time to fall in love with the army yet.

Maybe he will though. Maybe he’ll stay on permanently after his two years of mandatory service are up. Although that’s not his current plan, as he also added: “I’ll be back safely”.

Anyway, he’s off, so we should probably go and check what the other members of BTS are doing. Well, Jungkook has reportedly just donated a little over three quarters of a million dollars to the Seoul National University Children’s Hospital. That’s nice of him.

“I hope it will help sick children and they will be able to smile healthily”, he said, according to Yonhap.

Meanwhile, Suga is preparing to put out the ninth episode of his online talk show ‘Suchwita’. Who is his guest? It’s only bloody RM from BTS! Here’s a teaser.

Oh, and it’s also probably worth mentioning that there’s a brand new song featuring all seven members of BTS coming out soon. What?! How can it be possible? I know, amazing news.

The song will serve as the opening theme for animated film ‘Bastions’ and is set for release on 14 May – the same day as the film itself. You can hear a little snippet here: