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BTS’s Jin urges fans not to try to visit him during army training

By | Published on Friday 25 November 2022


BTS’s Jin has officially enlisted in the South Korean army, with his basic training programme set to begin next month.

With that news now out, the singer has requested that the Army not turn up to try to catch a glimpse of him as he goes through the training process. The Army being the name that BTS fans are known by, of course. The army will be there obviously. Or some of it. But no Army, please.

You know what? Given that serving in the military is compulsory for all men in South Korea, it would have been very easy for BTS to foresee this confusion and pick another name for their fans. Call them the BTS Navy Seals or something.

Anyway, in a statement, Jin said; “Dear Army, please refrain from coming to the training centre. We don’t want a huge crowd as it could get dangerous for my beautiful fans. I love you Army”.

Normally that sort of thing would sound quite caring, although now that he’s going to be living in a place where there are quite a lot of weapons, saying that things “could get dangerous” sounds almost like a threat. Whatever, don’t turn up at the training centre, BTS fans.

Under South Korean law, all able-bodied men must serve in the country’s military at some point between the ages of eighteen and 28. A change in the law allowed Jin to delay his enrolment until he was 30 – a milestone he will hit next month.

In a recent livestream, Jin said that he would have enlisted sooner, but the success of the band’s 2020 single ‘Dynamite’ delayed things. He had then hoped to get started on his military service in the summer, around the time BTS announced their hiatus, but then they were invited to play a concert supporting Busan’s bid for the World Expo 2030, which took place last month.

With all BTS commitments now out of the way, things are good for him to get started with his military commitments. And just in time – he will turn 30 next week on 4 Dec. His five weeks of basic training are reportedly set to begin on 13 Dec. But let’s just reiterate, if you’re a member of the Army, you should not turn up to see Jin becoming a member of the army.