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Can Self Esteem drive a bus?

By | Published on Friday 19 May 2023

Self Esteem

Can Rebecca Lucy Taylor – aka Self Esteem – drive a double decker bus? That’s what we’re all wondering. We wonder it every day. Well, let me tell you this much: she can’t drive a car, so what do you think?

OK, you can stop wondering, because there is video footage of her attempting to drive a double decker bus available on the internet now. Not just any double decker bus though. No, one adorned with imagery from her ‘Prioritise Pleasure’ album inside and out.

Why though? Well, this is all part of the ‘Walk Of Fame’ project launched by Sheffield bus company First Bus. Having previously got Jon McClure from Reverend And The Makers in on the act, the company has now done the same for Taylor.

“Who needs a Mercury Prize when you’ve got a fucking bus”, she proclaims while inspecting her vehicle. Indeed, and who needs a driver’s licence either? Because, spoiler alert, it turns out that, under strict supervision, Rebecca Lucy Taylor is able to drive a bus. And also crash it in a way that isn’t entirely clear.

Nonetheless, she says: “I loved driving the bus today. It’s a real personal victory actually. I’m proud of myself, and I found it quite worryingly exciting”.

Which other Sheffield musicians are going to get a personalised bus and take it for a spin and when will it be Jarvis Cocker? I think that’s what we’re all going to have to wonder now that we know the answer to the big Self Esteem question.

Anyway, watch Rebecca Lucy Taylor being delighted by a bus here.