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Capital FM arrives on national DAB network

By | Published on Monday 12 September 2016

Capital FM

Global Radio has plonked Capital onto the national DAB network Digital One, making the music station properly national for the first time.

Originally the commercial pop station for London of course, a few years back Global relaunched many of its other local FM outlets around the UK under the Capital brand. That, coupled with a presence on some local DAB networks, meant Capital had become a quasi-national radio station, but its appearance on the national DAB multiplex solidifies the station’s UK-wide presence.

Though, as Radio Today notes, Global itself doesn’t actually operate all of the local Capital FM stations. In some areas the local Capital outlet is actually run by Communicorp, after Global was forced to sell off some FM licences after acquiring the Guardian Media Group’s radio business. Communicorp then licenses in the Capital brand and a bunch of syndicated content, but provides local programming and sells the ads.

The arrival of Global’s Capital FM on national DAB means it will now be competing with the local versions of the franchise run by Communicorp, which is interesting.