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Cardi B scraps dolls due to delays and quality concerns

By | Published on Tuesday 21 December 2021

Cardi B

If you were hoping to get a Cardi B doll for Christmas, well it’s a bit late in the day to have that idea now, isn’t it? Unless you’ve actually been waiting for such a doll ever since March when they were originally announced. In which case, well, the good news is that there is news on what’s happening. The bad news is, they’re not happening.

The rapper teamed up with fashion doll brand Real Women Are earlier this year announcing the launch of a limited edition doll based on her. Pre-orders for the $35 doll were taken, but shipping dates slipped a number of times. Currently, the Real Women Are website still says that the dolls will begin shipping in October 2021.

With customer complaints about the lack of dolls rising, the whole project has now been called off, according to TMZ. The website says that manufacturing of the dolls was delayed by COVID-19 and because Cardi B herself wasn’t happy with the quality of the finished product.

On the plus side, if you shelled out for one of these things, you’ve now got a $35 refund coming your way to spend on something nice. How about this Noel from Hear’Say doll on eBay?