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Celador to rebrand Jack FM stations

By | Published on Tuesday 31 March 2015

Jack FM

There’ll be three less Jack FM stations on the air in the UK from next week, after Celador Radio announced it would drop the bought-in branding for its FM outlets in Southampton, Bristol and Swindon.

And after Shadow Radio Holdings rebranded its Jack FM service in Hertfordshire as Bob FM last year, what is Celador going for? Sam FM. Yes, Sam FM. Though Gareth Hale (not Pace) will be the voice of the station, so you need to imagine him saying it. See, now it’s the greatest name for a radio station never, isn’t it?

Confirming that it would be launching its own brand for the three Jack stations in its portfolio of FM franchises, Celador Radio’s Paul Smith told reporters: “We have been considering for some time taking control of our own brand as opposed to franchising a name, which has consistently caused confusion with the two UK Jack stations not under our ownership. We have had great success with our three Jack stations and look forward to them developing further and achieving yet greater success as Sam FM”.

Celador’s rebrand announcement follows the news that the company which owns those other two UK-based Jack stations – Oxis Media – has acquired the European rights to the entire Jack FM brand from the Canadian business that licenses out the radio format worldwide, SparkNet Communications.

And it plans to launch a load more Jack FM branded services. So worry not, fans of Jack. And haters of Sam. And Bob. All will be well, and all will be well.