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Celebrity quarantine version of John Lennon’s Imagine meets with mixed response

By | Published on Friday 20 March 2020

Gal Gadot Imagine

Just last week Bob Geldof was saying that there couldn’t be another Live Aid because of the internet. Since then, of course, not being allowed outside has become the main hurdle for staging any kind of fund or awareness raising event.

But what about Live Aid’s precursor, Band Aid? Would the world accept another load of celebs recording a line of a song each, all in a bid to try to change the world? Apparently not, if actor Gal Gadot’s quarantine version of John Lennon’s ‘Imagine’ is anything to go by.

The video posted to Gadot’s Instagram profile yesterday sees a whole load of celebrities of varying singing ability each deliver a line of ‘Imagine’ a cappella into their mobile phone cameras. They’ve then been cut together to make a low quality, painfully slow version of the song. Not done to raise money for anything, it more just promotes the fact that celebrities know each other. And that even film and music stars can contract the COVID-19 virus.

Among those involved are Natalie Portman, Will Ferrell, Sarah Silverman, Sia, Amy Adams, Mark Ruffalo, Norah Jones, Chris O’Dowd and more.

“We are in this together, we will get through it together”, Gadot wrote in her caption on the video. “Let’s imagine together. Sing with us. All love to you, from me and my dear friends”.

Looking at social media, it does seem that Gadot and her famous mates have succeeded in bringing people together. Although in a more pitchfork-waving, angry mob sort of way than I think was intended. There have been some positive reactions to the celebrity sing song, but the overwhelming response is considerably less so.

Responding to Gadot’s video, a number of UK comedians have already made a parody of it, replacing every imagined thing in the song with the word ‘bastard’. I’m not sure it really works, but it is almost as painful to watch as the original, so they’ve really nailed that.

Whatever, viewing both videos will help to gauge your current level of cynicism. And I guess that’s helpful. Is it? Maybe. I don’t really know anymore. There are some videos. Videos happened. There you go, that’s today’s news. Stay safe everybody.