Channel 5 to shun ‘commercial music’

By | Published on Tuesday 2 November 2010

The new management at Channel 5 are encouraging the producers of programmes aired on the network to only use ‘original music’ – in which the broadcaster can itself own the rights – so the telly company doesn’t have to pay any royalties to collecting societies PPL or PRS. 

The Guardian quote sources who say that bosses at the network have basically said that all ‘commercial music’ – ie songs and recordings owned by publishers and labels – will be banned as part of wide-ranging budget cutbacks, though a spokeswoman for the channel denied it was a blanket rule, while trying to spin that the new policy was about Channel 5 supporting the creative community by commissioning new tunes. 

The spokeswoman told reporters: “Channel 5 plan to commission more original music as they have excellent contacts in the creative industry. There are no plans to avoid the use of commercial music entirely and it is not a case of not wanting to pay PRS For Music”. 

As previously reported, Channel 5 was recently bought by Daily Express owner Richard Desmond, who is now attempting something previously considered impossible – making the channel even shitter and even more low rent than before. Though, if anyone can, Desmond can. And I guess muzak soundtracking every show will help.