Channel M shuts

By | Published on Tuesday 17 April 2012

Guardian Media Group

The Guardian has shut its Manchester-based local TV station Channel M, part of the media firm’s former bid to develop very locally focused television programming.

Channel M was initially linked to the Guardian Media Group’s other Manchester-based media, such as the Manchester Evening News and City Life, but after the newspaper group sold its regional newspapers the TV service was more closely linked to the GMG Radio division. The operation has been scaled back significantly in recent years, so that only three people will lose their jobs as part of the closure.

Confirming the demise of Channel M, GMG Radio CEO Stuart Taylor told reporters yesterday: “We’ve been in a holding pattern with Channel M for two years awaiting the outcome of the government’s future plans for local TV. Sadly, we don’t feel they provide us with the framework needed to grow Channel M into a profitable business that delivers the quality service viewers and advertisers expect from GMG. I want to thank Channel M Controller John Furlong and his team for all they have done through this difficult period”.