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Charli XCX has no fucks to give, shares radical new track

By | Published on Tuesday 19 August 2014

Charli XCX

Pop champ Charli XCX has gone all ‘bad girl’ on ‘Break The Rules’, the new track she premiered yesterday. It pivots on the line “I don’t wanna go to skool / I just wanna break the rules”, which, considering Charli is too old to have to go to school, well… it’s just anarchy of the highest and most irrelevant order basically, isn’t it?

Reiterating, Charli says: “The song is inspired by a lot of the things I was listening to whilst in Sweden at the end of last year. I spent about a month making a punk record and covering songs by Swedish punk bands like Snuffed By The Yakuza and stuff. This song was written when I came out of the other side of that punk phase and translated it into something more pop. Obviously, it’s about not giving a fuck”.

Anyway as per pretty well everything XCX is involved in, ‘Break The Rules’ is really quite great, in a maddeningly catchy way, and will feature on her new LP ‘Sucker’, which is released on 20 Oct.

You can give it a listen to it over on Buzzfeed, since Buzzfeed is doing that kind of thing now, or just on this page, here: