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Chat Pile to release film soundtrack this week

By | Published on Wednesday 16 November 2022

Chat Pile

Chat Pile have released two tracks from their soundtrack to new movie ‘Tenkiller’, in which frontman Raygun Busch also acts.

Following on from the release of their excellent debut album, ‘God’s Country’, this summer, the soundtrack sees the band performing in their trademark noise rock style and also branching out into other genres – most notably country.

“The music we made for ‘Tenkiller’ is quite a bit different than what you may come to expect from us”, say the band. “We were given the freedom to really experiment and explore territories that we’ve never done before. It’s not going to be for everyone, but we hope some of you connect with what we set out to do”.

The full soundtrack will be out this Friday, the same day the film hits Amazon Prime Video. Listen to the two newly released tracks, ‘Tenkiller’ and ‘Lake Time (Mr Rodan)’, here: