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Chavril’s rules for a happy marriage

By | Published on Wednesday 6 November 2013

Chad Kroeger & Avril Lavigne

Having been married for four whole months now, it’s probably safe to assume that Avril Lavigne and Chag Kroeger will never ever split up or even have an argument or anything. And therefore, it’s totally appropriate for them to start dishing out their rules for having a successful marriage.

Now, if I was being fair, I’d point out that Chavril probably had no idea that People magazine would put together an article about their “rules for a successful marriage” when they were asked about their relationship by the publication. But I’m not in that sort of mood, and anyway, these are clearly not good rules for any kind of happy relationship, even if proposed as an aside in an interview.

They start with the fairly reasonable, “make time for each other”, noting that they never spend more than two weeks apart, even when touring, and later note that it’s important to simply enjoy being together doing nothing. Oh, they’re so cute. But in the middle they say that they have rules not to drink or go to nightclubs (or “anywhere that you’re asking for trouble”) if they’re apart.

In summary, the couple that only trusts each other or has fun when they’re together, stays together. Write that down, newlyweds.