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Cher would have entered The Voice

By | Published on Friday 21 June 2013


Cher would have gladly entered a telly talent show like ‘The Voice’ had such a thing existed at the start of her career.

What a shame she was born four decades too early, otherwise she too could have hung out with and, as winner, had her debut album go straight in at number 134 in the charts. Though of course she was talking about the US version of the show, where she would have got to hang out with Adam Levine and have her debut album go straight in at, oh, number 134 in the charts. What a dream-making show this really is.

Anyway, Cher – back into promo mode with a new album upcoming – guested on the American version of ‘The Voice’ earlier this week, and was asked by Entertainment Weekly if she would have entered such a pop talent contest had it existing in the early 1960s.

The singer responded: “Oh gosh, yeah, are you kidding? I would’ve been like, ‘Let me in’. Going on shows like this, this is an amazing thing. When I first started, we played bowling alleys and roller rinks. We didn’t get to go on anything. We got to go on stuff when we were famous, but this is amazing, when you have actual people who have been in the business, been successful and want to help you. You can bypass a lot of trashy stuff”.

It’s true, in the olden says you had to do a lot of trashy stuff to gain fame, whereas thanks to ‘The Voice’, it’s much easier to achieve life-long obscurity.