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Chief Keef arrested over alleged robbery

By | Published on Friday 27 January 2017

Chief Keef

Chief Keef has reportedly been arrested following accusations that he beat and robbed producer Ramsay Tha Great at his home last week.

According to TMZ, police took Keef and one other individual into custody last night. This follows a series of Instagram posts over the last week, in which Ramsay Tha Great claimed that the rapper had come into his house with an AK-47 and five friends to back him up, beating the producer and stealing a Rolex watch, ring and $1600 in cash from him.

In his first post on the matter last week, Ramsay wrote directly to Chief Keef: “Now, if I was a celebrity, I wouldn’t come [and] personally jump a person with … five friends and a AK-47. That’s just dumb, you’re famous. Now I’m taking everything from you. You really just fucked up, dude. Coming to my house with your phone in your pocket with the location on… yea I’m pressing charges on yo ass. You a fucking low life MF. Niggas out here tryna do positive shit and you still on some goofy Chicago shit. We’ll see you in court”.

In subsequent videos, he has hit out at people who have criticised him for going to the police over the incident rather than directly retaliating, saying: “I think I’m showing an example to the young black man from my city that we can do it a different way. We don’t have to kill each other, like they want us to do … I think black lives matter, and that’s why I took the route that I took”.

Police have confirmed to Billboard that two men were indeed arrested on charges of home invasion and robbery yesterday, though did not give any names.