Chris Moyles, Nick Grimshaw set dates for Radio 1 changeover

By | Published on Tuesday 7 August 2012

Chris Moyles

Chris Moyles has made public the date of his last ever Radio 1 show, and thus will present his breakfast slot for the final time on 14 Sep.

He’ll actually bid his 7.1 million listeners adieu the previous day via a “goodbye party”, which won’t render his actual exit the next morning a strange anticlimax by comparison at all. But oh well… life, prime-time pop playlists, and Moyles’s nightmarish casting as King Herod in that ‘Jesus Chris Superstar’ arena tour must all go on.

His on-air successor Nick Grimshaw isn’t billed to take over until 24 Sep, which leaves five days’ worth of empty airspace to be filled by a mystery something. Though what that something is, no one knows. Perhaps they’ll bring Mark & Lard back for a week to delight old timers like me, before Grimmy spearheads the youth revolution at the nation’s favourite.