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Christopher Owens to bear new LP, A New Testament

By | Published on Thursday 10 July 2014

Christopher Owens

Ex-Girls man Christopher Owens is back with a reply to his first solo LP ‘Lysandre’, a dozen-song sonnet to “earnest, simple songwriting” titled ‘A New Testament’.

Releasing on 29 Sep, it is, says Chrissie, “inspired by the fundamentals of American music”, namely gospel, country and R&B, and features pedal steel guitarist Ed Efira, and also Owens’ one-time Girls collaborators John Anderson, Dan Eisenberg and Darren Weiss.

Chris adds by way of a billing: “Picking the songs for this record was exciting enough for me, because they’re some of the ones that speak to me the most, of my memories, real life experiences, my battles, my victories. And the excitement, the joy, the sincerity, the craftsmanship, it’s all captured on this record. A new testament”.

Find a ‘New Testament’ tracklisting, and the clip for its lead single ‘Nothing More Than Everything To Me’:

My Troubled Heart
Nothing More Than Everything To Me
It Comes Back To You
Oh My Love
Nobody’s Business
A Heart Akin The Wind
Key To My Heart
Over And Above Myself
Never Wanna See That Look Again
Overcoming Me
I Just Can’t Live Without You (But I’m Still Alive)