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Chuck D scolds Scottish fans for not voting for independence and getting stuck in the Brexit mess

By | Published on Tuesday 14 May 2019

Public Enemy

Hey everyone, Chuck D has been watching how Brexit has been going and he’s not impressed. And of all the terrible things that have happened politically speaking over the last three years, I reckon disappointing Chuck D is probably in the top five worst. Oh, and Scotland? He’s doubly disappointed at you.

Performing with Public Enemy at Glasgow’s Hydro Arena at the weekend, he told the Scottish audience off for failing to vote for independence back in 2014.

“I thought y’all was gonna be independent by the time I came back to this motherfucker”, he chided. “What you holdin onto fucking mommy for? Theresa May don’t know what the fuck she’s doing! Fuck her goddam Brexit”.

Last time he was in the city the rapper did indeed express his support for and expectation of Scottish independence, telling an audience shortly before the 2014 referendum “that little brother shit is over”.

He’s not the only American music star behind renewed calls for Scotland to leave the United Kingdom. Earlier this month, Wheatus frontman Brendan B Brown took part in a protest march in Glasgow, which coincided with a performance by the band in the city.

Public Enemy and Wheatus. The dream team.