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Chuck Norris to thank for Osmonds’ dance moves

By | Published on Tuesday 21 September 2010

One of the many Osmond brothers who isn’t Donny, Alan Osmond, has revealed that the band used karate moves they had learned from Chuck Norris in their 70s dance routines to make them seem less like girls.

In a video posted on the Osmond family’s official website, Alan said: “[I said to Norris] ‘Chuck, we need to toughen up our dance. Can you help us?’ And he said, ‘Well let’s learn some karate, and you can apply the moves, ‘cos there’s stomps, and hoo, yeah!’ You know, it was very boyish, and that’s what we wanted”.

Stomps and ‘hoo’ are widely considered to be the least girlish of all physical movements.