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Classic FM’s firework-busting show for pets to return this November

By | Published on Wednesday 28 October 2020

Bill Turnbull

We’ve had radio for pets, podcasts for pets and radio BY pets. Now it’s time for, well, radio for pets again. Sorry, I thought that would be more dramatic. Although the point of Classic FM’s ‘Pet Sounds’ programme is to avoid drama, so if your dog is looking at you quizzically as you read this to them, please explain that my introduction to this story was actually very clever.

Hosted by Bill Turnbull, the classical station’s pet-centric show is next week returning for the third year with the aim of pacifying your pets on Bonfire Night. Animals, of course, are not that keen on the annual firework-exploding celebration – unable to fathom why their owners are so happy that King James I survived an assassination attempt 400 years ago.

“He only went and died 20 years later anyway”, cats often seem to be thinking. “And aren’t we in some ways also celebrating the death penalty”, dogs appear to mumble. “Fuck the monarchy”, mutter the rabbits between nibbles of carrot. Rabbits hate royalty.

Oh, and all those explosions. They don’t like all the explosions.

Aaaaaaaanyway, since 2018, Classic FM has aired ‘Pet Sounds’, a show aimed specifically at animals to coincide with Bonfire Night. It will play a selection of music designed to soothe pets as they assume that the world outside is collapsing in on itself. It will also offer advice from the RSPCA on how to comfort frightened animals. Although that bit is for pet owners, so you’ll need to come inside and have a break from letting off fireworks in order to hear it.

“While fireworks season will be very different this year without the major events, many pets will still be scared by the smaller fireworks displays in gardens”, says Turnbull. “I’m THRILLED to host Classic FM’s ‘Pet Sounds’ again, which will relax even the most terrified cats and dogs this November”.

“Since the programme launched in 2018, we have had the most incredible response, with hundreds of messages from listeners who have found Classic FM to be the perfect sanctuary during this stressful time”, he goes on. “I can’t wait to welcome back our furry fans and hopefully comfort some new ones, as we play the best soothing and calming music. It’s one of my favourite evenings of the year”.

Mine too. I bloody love fireworks. This year there will be two editions of ‘Pet Sounds’. The first on Thursday 5 Nov from 7-10pm, and then on Saturday 7 Nov, again from 7-10pm.