Classical composer Jim Perkins announces solo album

By | Published on Friday 3 December 2010

Contemporary classical composer and producer Jim Perkins has announced that he will release his debut solo album in January. Entitled ‘Grains’, the album will be released via Bigo & Twigetti on 31 Jan.

Performed by pianists Ed Cohen, Arianna Palin, Olga Stehzko and Perkins himself, the pieces on the album mix solo piano with electronics. Perkins’ meticulous approach to composition and production makes for an incredibly striking record. There’s also an incredible versatility in both, making for a varied array of textures and moods, and with the subtle addition of strings and electronic sounds, it makes for an impressive collection of music. 

Four tracks from the album are streaming on Soundcloud now, with one, ‘Struggle’, available as a free download: