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Cliff to tour with Boy George shocker

By | Published on Monday 25 October 2010

The Daily Telegraph is not impressed at the news that Cliff Richard is to tour Germany with Boy George or, to use the broadsheet’s words, a “cross-dressing 80s star, who was imprisoned last year for the assault and false imprisonment of a male escort”.

The paper exclaims: “When Sir Cliff Richard set off in a double-decker bus in ‘Summer Holiday’, he was accompanied by Una Stubbs and her wholesome chums. When he embarks on his latest tour, he will, though, be joined by a most unlikely figure”. And they quote one Cliff fan who squeals: “What on earth is he doing? When he can fill arenas round the globe, why does he need to headline a tour on which Boy George also features?”

But Cliff’s agent Bill Latham was on hand to reassure any shocked Telegraph-reading Cliff fans. “They won’t, actually, ever be sharing a stage”, Bill Latham insisted, before adding, rather oddly, “Or anything else, for that matter”.