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CMU at SHIP in Šibenik, Croatia

By | Published on Wednesday 30 August 2023

CMU’s Chris Cooke will be at the SHIP showcase festival and music conference in Šibenik, Croatia next month, delivering a speed briefing and moderating one of the panels.

The speed briefing at 11.15am on 15 Sep will present a user-friendly guide to how the digital music business works and then talk through the key issues and debates within the streaming economy today. That includes the lively conversations around how streaming monies are shared out across the music community each month and the reforms to the current business model that are currently being proposed and discussed.

At 12.15pm, Chris will then moderate the panel ‘Choose Your Digital Distributor Wisely’. He will discuss what artists and labels need to consider when picking a distribution partner with Alek Bošković from Believe Music, Bojan Musulin from IDJDigital, Fabian Stilke from Universal Music and Lia Mansola from The Orchard.

Find out more about the full SHIP programme here.