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CMU Beef Of The Week #04: 3am v Peter Andre

By | Published on Saturday 30 January 2010

Peter Andre

It’s a wonder this hasn’t happened before, really. But this week The Daily Mirror’s gossip site cracked under the strain of demands from Peter Andre’s ‘people’. It seems they weren’t that interested in what he had to say as the face of Costa Coffee’s latest hot, caffeinated drink.

Announced the gossipers: “Do you know where we’re supposed to be right now? At a central London coffee shop, waiting for five glorious minutes with Peter Andre. However, instead we’re going to tell you exactly why we won’t be obediently trotting along to meet him”.

Is it because coffee is a lovely drink but a tedious topic of conversation? Yes. And because Andre’s management, Can Associates, insisted on a contract being signed beforehand ensuring that there would be no talk of anything else. And while they were at it, they demanded that no pictures of Katie Price come anywhere near the finished article, all photo captions would be positive, and that Can and Andre would be allowed to approve the whole thing before it went online.

The site continues: “We’ve all seen contracts like this before, particularly those of us who’ve worked on celebrity magazines, but nobody is more controlling than Can, who might want to look into changing their name to Can’t”.

So, 3am returned an email informing Can that “we’re simply not prepared to agree to such ridiculously strict terms … we wouldn’t agree to these insanely restrictive terms for Britney or Brad, so we’re hardly going to for Peter”.

The result? Can are now refusing to allow 3am access to any of their clients ever again. 3am, meanwhile, are informing all their readers to go to Starbucks.