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CMU Beef Of The Week #302: Limp Bizkit fans v Petrol

By | Published on Friday 22 April 2016

Limp Bizkit

So, here’s a fun story. Someone announced this week that Limp Bizkit would be playing a secret show at a petrol station in Dayton, Ohio. And because nothing about Limp Bizkit ever seems unusual, people believed it. In fact, despite repeated warnings that no such show would be taking place, many still turned up on Wednesday. Notwithstanding the fact that they were actually a year early.

Over 22,000 people were invited to a Facebook page advertising the event, stating that it was due to take place on 20 Apr 2017, with almost 4000 indicating that they would make the trip. Few seemed to notice that the listing was for next year, rather than this.

Concerned that thousands of rabid nu metal fans were about to descend on their town, Dayton Police Dept issued a warning that there was “no concert at the gas station” happening. Amazingly, this warning managed to look more fake than the show announcement. Fred Durst also warned anyone who asked him about it on Twitter that it was “NOT TRUE” that they would be playing the show (the ‘organisers’ of the ‘show’ then saying that this is what really sparked interest in it).

The petrol station itself even attempted to stave off the tide of interest in the non-gig with this amazing sign, but to no avail.

Come Wednesday night, the petrol station called the police after people began congregating outside – with more arriving as fast as law enforcers could chase them off, with up to 150 standing outside at any one time, according to local news reports. Though they mostly seemed aware that there would be no performance, the draw of seeing what would happen anyway appeared to have been enough.

“I was hoping something fun would go down”, one fan told WHIO News Center 7. “I immediately knew it was a joke. It was pretty obvious”.

Commenting on the havoc they had caused, one of the administrators of the original Facebook event, Andy Rowe told The Daily Beast: “I have never laughed so hard like I have these last two days, yet understood so little about why it’s funny in the first place. I keep asking myself, ‘Why does it seem like the whole world is bent on seeing Limp Bizkit play at this gas station?'”

Anyway, I assume we’re all going to the real show next year, yes? I’ll book a minibus.