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CMU Beef Of The Week #309: Pop v Brexit (Round 4)

By | Published on Friday 10 June 2016

Mick Hucknall

I know what you’re thinking. Can I really be trying to stretch the EU referendum theme in this column out to another week? You’re goddamn right I can. And I will continue to do so for as long as Brexit is a thing.

So bear in mind, if you vote to leave, that could mean that you are directly contributing to increasingly weak content filling this hole for maybe another fifteen years, while the UK attempts to get out of the EU with anything more than a collection of utterly terrible trade deals plus a sudden and embarrassing reminder of all the great things being a member of the EU got us.

Not that CMU has any political stance on the matter. We’re famously neutral when it comes to politics. But seriously, any CMU readers who vote out are gonna have to report to our offices afterwards to get kicked in the shins.

Anyway, this week Mick Hucknall has taken exception to what he sees as Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s not entirely committal stance on the EU referendum. Officially the Labour Party chief is supporting remain, but Corbyn has not really been giving it his all in pushing that line.

“What a shabby, spineless coward Jeremy Corbyn is proving to be”, tweeted Hucknall. “Either fully commit to #LabourIn OR #LabourLeave or GO!”

While Corbyn did not respond directly, The Huffington Post’s Paul Waugh tweeted that he’d been told by a Labour Party source that the tweets about the party leader were “low level and ignorant abuse from a musical and political has-been”.

Other than going on ‘Question Time’ once and being a long-time supporter of the Labour Party, I’m not entirely sure what Mick Hucknall’s political credentials are, or whether he could be considered a ‘has-been’. Can you become a ‘has-been’ simply for having opinions over a long period of time? Asking for a friend.

PoliticsHome Editor Kevin Schofield also spoke to a Labour source and apparent comedian, who said: “Jeremy’s campaigned consistently for Labour In. If Mick doesn’t know his views by now, he will never, ever, ever know them”.

And then everyone laughed until they cried and were sick.

As often happens when someone criticises Jeremy Corbyn online, a load of his supporters then started hurling abuse at Hucknall, which is definitely the best way to get your point across in any given situation.

The Simply Red frontman locked his account down for a bit, but returned to note that he was “amused to have received mountains of abuse from [the Socialist Workers Party] infiltrated Corbynite Labour. So much for their new style of politics”.

Abusing people on Twitter possibly is a new style of politics though. Maybe that’s the future. Another thing that Twitter has got us lately is confirmation from Hucknall that Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson is a good singer. Which is the other thing we’ve all been wondering of late.

Anyway, something to think about there. Don’t forget what I said re shins either.