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CMU Beef Of The Week #322: Louise Mensch v Fabric. Or Brexit. Or something. I don’t even know

By | Published on Friday 9 September 2016


“Sounds basic, but it’s essentially ageism. The people making the calls are from a totally different demographic to those it affects”.

If you saw those very words posted onto that occasionally popular social network The Twitter this very week in 2016, what would you think they related to? There are some possibilities, aren’t there? But out of context, there’s probably not enough information there to reach a definite conclusion about what issue of the day is being discussed. Not unless you are the sort of person who is always right about everything. Like that Louise Mensch.

“Yes you are being ageist, Clive”, Mensch declared via her own tweets machine, putting journalist Clive Martin right in his place. “Freedom and sovereignty affect the old as much as the young”, she added, twisting that knife.

“Did you even vote?” she added. It’s a big question, isn’t it? Did he? I wonder if he actually did. His silence in the six seconds after she posed that question spoke volumes, I reckon. And so did she, so she finished the argument by posting: “‘Activists’ are usually just the opposite”.

Yeah, she really showed him, nailing the hypocrisy of Martin’s views on Brexit. Though she might also have pointed out how weird it was to be making that point so far after the result of the big Referendum vote, given how much the debate has moved on in the last two and half months. Silly Clive Martin. What a silly man. I mean, right now, this week, that very argument would be far better targeted at the result of Fabric’s licensing review.

And, to be fair, Martin had been posting a string of tweets about the forced closure of Fabric when he chose to drop in that one aside about Brexit. He should have stuck to the former topic, really. Maybe he thought his nasty prejudices would go unnoticed if he just dropped a sneaky Brexit diss into a rant about something else. Well done Louise Mensch for properly holding Martin to account here, by using her powers of always being right and never needing to check things like facts, logic or the calendar. It’s a shame she’s no longer an MP, isn’t it?

Some people suggested that Mensch might have jumped the gun, got confused even. Maybe that “it’s essentially ageism” tweet did in fact relate to the Fabric story on which Martin was commenting, and not last June’s Brexit vote. But Mensch was quick to stress that it was Martin who actually linked Fabric to Brexit. Now, if you were to read Martin’s series of tweets in the order he posted them, you’d probably not agree. But that’s simply because you do not possess Mensch’s ability to read between the lines and cut to the stone cold truth.

Anyway, none of this is really why I brought you here today. I actually just wanted to share my discovery this week that Louise Mensch’s voice is now as ridiculous as everything she says with it. Here she is in a recent appearance on Bill Maher’s US TV show: