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CMU Beef Of The Week #71: Liam v Noel

By | Published on Friday 15 July 2011


We should have known, really. I mean, it was silly to think that Liam Gallagher would be able to stop at just calling his brother a “shitbag” on Twitter, after Noel spilled the beans about the Oasis split at a press conference last week. Liam spoke to Edith Bowman on Radio 1 this week, and, inevitably, she quizzed him on what his brother and former bandmate had said. The long and short of it, Liam claimed, was that Noel is “a liar”.

One allegation Liam took particular exception to was Noel’s claim that a contributing factor in the break-up of Oasis had been the launch of Liam’s Pretty Green clothing label. Noel said: “I’d never had enough of Oasis – I’d had enough of him. It started to unravel when he started his clothing label and he demanded that in the Oasis tour programme he be allowed to advertise. And I didn’t think it was right for him to be flogging his gear to our fans. There was a massive row about it. It slowly went downhill after that”.

Liam responded: “In my opinion – he’s a control freak. He’s making up lies to get brownie points. I have never ever had a conversation with him about Pretty Green or anything. Them words, ‘Pretty Green’, have never come out of my mouth with Noel Gallagher. Ever. Him saying it’s the demise of Oasis – I’m not having it”.

His brother, the Beady Eye frontman said, needs to take some responsibility: “It’s time he woke up. He’s no angel. I’m partly to blame but I’m not solely to blame. It’s breaking my heart. People need to know that it wasn’t just me who split the band up, it was Noel too. [He was] being rude to people who’d been working for us for eighteen years. I bring it up to him, tell him to wind his neck in and he didn’t like being told”.

Bowman also asked Liam if his new band, Beady Eye, would ever play Oasis songs live (as Noel said he would do at his solo shows). He said: “No that’s the decision we’ve made. There’s no backing down. We made a decision that it wasn’t right. Maybe down the line we could do it. Certainly won’t be doing it tonight or next week or in the next year. A couple of albums down I like to think we could bang out our songs. Not now man, they’re not our songs they’re Noel’s”.

Perhaps they could get Noel to come on as a guest to bash out one of the old hits. No, maybe not.