CMU editor guests on net influenced 6music show

By | Published on Friday 27 May 2011


CMU editor Andy Malt will tonight guest on ‘NowPlaying’, the newish Tom Robinson hosted 6music show which takes its musical leads from what’s being talked about, recommended and played on the internet, whether that be YouTube plays, blogger comments or listeners interacting via Facebook, Spotify or the BBC website.

Explaining the concept of the show, Robinson says: “For the last 50 years music radio has basically been a shop window for the music industry to advertise and promote its products – and for me ‘NowPlaying’ reperesents a small but important step away from that model. All the tunes we’re playing are sourced from public conversations with our listeners – and what’s happening out there in the big wide world of the blogosphere. Not from the promotional activities of record companies”.

He continues: “For the first time ever, I’ve actually had to ask pluggers to take me off their mailing lists because we can no longer ‘just slip in’ some latest release or other as a favour to them or anybody else: the audience really is in the driving seat. Instead of us choosing the music that gets broadcast, our job is simply to ‘reflect the online conversation about music, on air'”.

Andy will appear at some point on tonight’s show, which airs from 7-9pm on 6music, recommending three artists and tracks himself. More info here.