The Great Escape 2018

CMU Great Escape Special

By | Published on Wednesday 16 May 2018

The CMU Great Escape Special was a magazine distributed at The Great Escape 2018 featuring articles linked to the three conferences CMU Insights presented there and other CMU reporting and research. You can download the magazine as a PDF here or check out key articles below.

20 years of CMU: the 20 stories that kept us all THRILLED
Ladies and gentlemen – CMU is now officially 20 years old! We began reporting on music, music people and the music business on 18 May 1998. With that in mind we have picked the 20 biggest stories that CMU has covered in that time | READ

Getting started in music
A core focus of The Education Conference is what young people need to know in order to pursue a career in music – on or off the stage – and how that information can be best communicated. Among those discussing what music industry recruiters are looking for is Silvia Gargiulo of BIY People & Talent. To get the ball rolling, here she offers some of her top tips for those embarking on a music business career | READ

Meet the innovators
The AI Conference will feature seven innovative companies who are using data, algorithms and machine learning to change the way music is monitored, marketed and made. To get things started, we asked each innovator to describe both their product and their tech in their own words | READ

China Conference Quick Quiz
We chat to Chinese artist Leah Dou ahead of her appearance at The Great Escape, and get tips from three China-based panelists about breaking into the Chinese music market | READ

Dissecting The Digital Dollar
For the last three years CMU Insights has been working with the Music Managers Forum to demystify the streaming business via the Dissecting The Digital Dollar project. Find out more about the research and get the lowdown on digital licensing in ten steps | READ