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CMU playlists to get you through your festive break

By | Published on Friday 20 December 2019


As we head into the Christmas break, you’re going to want some music to listen to over the next couple of weeks. And, depending on your tolerance, you’re going to want a break from the festive music fairly soon. Don’t worry though, CMU has you covered. We’ve got playlists full of great music coming out of our ears. And maybe one of our nostrils. I mean we have three playlists.

On the CMU stereo 2019
Over the last couple of weeks, we’ve been rounding up our favourite tracks of 2019, ten at a time. We’ve now got our full 40 song playlist all together and ready to dive into. It’s a pretty diverse collection, traversing pop, classical, metal, hip hop, folk and more. In there are tracks you will definitely know, and some you probably won’t. Not yet, anyway. Listen here.

CMU Approved in 2019
All throughout the year, we scour the world for new artists and new music to write about in our CMU Approved column. This year 80 artists were featured. I’m sure you try to thoroughly digest each one during the year, mulling their future potential, but you might have missed some. Maybe you were ill. Or you were tending to an injured pigeon. Anyway, we’ve collected every single one of them into a handy playlist for you. Listen here.

Brand new on CMU
We cover a whole load of new music every single day in the CMU Daily. Wouldn’t it be great if every Friday someone put all of it into a playlist? Well, they do! We do, in fact. Apparently no one else could be arsed. Anyway, every Friday, we update this playlist with all (or as much as possible, at least) of the new music we’ve written about that week. It being the last week before Christmas it’s a fairly short edition today, but open this up and subscribe now to be ready for more weekly recaps in 2020. Listen here.