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CMU Podcast a runner up in the Online Radio Awards

By | Published on Thursday 6 August 2015

Online Radio Awards

We’re often a bit down on awards at CMU, aren’t we? Especially me. But I’m not too proud to throw my principles right out of the window when we get shortlisted for a prize. Because yes, the recently relaunched CMU Podcast was a runner up in the Best Business Show category in Mixcloud’s Online Radio Awards, the results of which were published this week.

Getting shortlisted for the prize is lovely, not only because the CMU Podcast has only been back online for a couple of months now, but also because there were thousands of online radio shows up for consideration this year, and the other shortlisted programmes in the Best Business Show category were all very fine indeed. I mean, Startup won it, and who would be upset to lose out to Startup? Also shortlisted were the Harvard Business Review IdeaCast, NPR’s Planet Money and The Pitch.

Check out the shortlists and overall winners for each of the many categories in this year’s Online Music Awards here. And why not take this very opportunity to check out the award-nominated CMU Podcast? Yeah, do that. And subscribe to automatically receive new episodes every Friday.

And thanks once again to 7digital for helping us to get the CMU Podcast up and running again.