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CMU Trends: Artist And Songwriter Rights In Relation To Recordings And Songs

By | Published on Wednesday 4 November 2020

Singer recording vocals

Another ten step guide has been added to the CMU Trends library today, accessible to all premium CMU subscribers.

CMU Trends is a series of guides that explain the inner workings of the music industry, and analyse key developments in the music business. We add new guides on a regular basis, delving into new topics, and summarising all the latest trends.

The new guide is all about the rights artists and songwriters enjoy over their music even and especially when they no longer own the copyright in the songs and recordings they helped create.

It’s very common in the music industry for artists and songwriters to assign their copyrights to record labels, music publishers and collecting societies. That means they no longer own the copyright in their work.

However, those artists and songwriters still have contractual rights, moral rights and performer rights that allow them to earn from and control the use of their music to an extent. This guide explains how all that works.

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