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CMU Trends: Safe Harbours

By | Published on Wednesday 27 May 2020

Although last year’s music industry v YouTube battle seems like it was a lifetime ago, the copyright safe harbour was back in the news last week when the US Copyright Office published its long-awaited report on the safe harbour provisions in the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.

While it’s too soon to say whether the safe harbour reforms in last year’s European Copyright Directive will have the effect the music industry is hoping for, even if they do, that’s no help in the world’s biggest recorded music market. The music industry is now hoping that last week’s report will provide the impetus for US Congress to reform the DMCA safe harbour too.

But what even is the safe harbour? What was the value gap all about? If you never quite understood what the whole thing was all about – or you just want to make sure you are up to date on all the latest developments – check out this new CMU Trends ten step guide to all things safe harbour. If you’re a premium CMU subscriber, you can download this and other CMU Trends guides for free.

We also discuss the safe harbour and the new Copyright Office report on this week’s Setlist podcast – which you can tune in to here.