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CMU:DIY: Artist:Entrepreneur Day in Manchester this weekend

By | Published on Friday 22 October 2021

Artist:Entrepreneur Day

The Artist:Entrepreneur Day from FAC and CMU returns to Manchester – and English Folk Expo – this weekend.

This is the artist-led education programme that provides important information and practical advice to help early-stage artists build a long-term career and sustainable business around their music. CMU’s Chris Cooke and three FAC artist entrepreneurs will be on hand with lots of tips, insights and case studies, helping artists get to grips with things like music rights, gigging and fanbase building, and the business partners they might work with along the way.

A team of music industry experts will also be on hand, including: George Bacon from PPL, Loren McShane from Sentric Music, Louise McGovern from Midnight Mango, Graham Holland from Liverpool Acoustic, Tim Chipping from River Lea Records, Kerry Harvey-Piper from Red Grape Music and Michael Hatjoullis from Manners McDade.

This all takes place tomorrow, Saturday 23 Oct 2021, from 10.00am-3.30pm at HOME in Manchester. Click here for info and tickets.