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CMU’s One Liners: APRA/AMCOS, SoundCloud, Pitchfork, more

By | Published on Wednesday 31 May 2017


Other notable announcements and developments today…

• The CEO of Australian collecting society APRA/AMCOS, Brett Cottle, will leave the organisation in June 2018 after a long career there, initially as in-house counsel, and as CEO since 1990.

• SoundCloud’s Chief Content Officer, ex-Warner Music exec Stephen Bryan – who played a key role in securing the music licences that enabled the digital platform to shift its business model, in a bid to generate revenue from ads and user subscriptions, rather than just charging hosting fees to content creators – is leaving the company.

• The President of online music magazine Pitchfork, Chris Kaskie, is departing the company after fourteen years. He will leave the now Conde Naste-owned title in July.

• OK Go’s recent TED talk was posted online at the weekend. The talk is called ‘How To Find A Wonderful Idea’. The band also played acoustic versions of two of their songs, because they write songs too, did you know that? Don’t worry, they had the video for each song playing in the background too. See the talk here.

• Kitty, Daisy & Lewis will return with a new album on Sunday Best on 29 Sep. The new LP is called ‘Superscope’. The first track from it is called ‘Down On My Knees’. You can listen to that here. I just did.

• Alt-J have announced a five date sea-side tour for September, a bit like the old Radio 1 Roadshow but without the fun. They’ll play Brighton, Margate, Bournemouth, Weston Super Mare and Blackpool.

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