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CMU’s One Liners: Imagem, Ole, Harvest, more

By and | Published on Friday 11 December 2015

Imagem Music

Other notable announcements and developments today…

• Indie publisher Imagem has announced that Leo Chantzaras, previously Senior A&R Manager in the firm’s German division, is now Senior International A&R Manager. He’ll still work with the company’s German songwriters, but he’ll do lots of international things too.

• Not satisfied with that music publishing promotion? Well, try this one for size Mr Hard To Please. Canadian music publisher Ole has promoted Chris Giansante to the role of VP of Administration, he having previously been Senior Analyst in the firm’s acquisitions department. Hurrah!

• Bored of music publishing? Well, how about the news that Harvest Records GMs Piero Giramonti and Jacqueline Saturn will now also be GMing the US wing of Universal’s label services business Caroline? They’re going to move it from New York to LA and everything.

• Bored of record labels, Harvests and Caroline? Poor Caroline, what did she ever do? Well, micro-licensing specialist CueSongs has promoted Charlotte Seibert to the role of Head Of Licensing. And about time too. She’s much better at heading licensing than Caroline.

• Agents formerly with faltering booking agency Elastic Artists are involved in a new company called Orchid Artist Management. It will be a booking agency at heart, but plans to play an artist development role with new talent too. Geoff Kirkwood, David Grigorian and Alberto Mombelli are all part of the business.

• Vevo now. You know Vevo, right? Well, Nic Jones has been promoted at Vevo up to the role of Chief Revenue Officer, having previously been EVP of International. He replaces Jonathan Carson.

• 2015 has been one of the most successful years in the history of Napster and Rhapsody. How do I know? A press release from Napster and Rhapsody just told me. And they’re notoriously reliable. Customer base rose 45% apparently.

• Barack Obama has named Kendrick Lamar’s ‘How Much A Dollar Cost’ as the song of the year. So I guess that’s decided then.

• Those PC Music guys have collaborated with Chinese popstar Chris Lee. Hear the results here.

• Soulwax have composed the soundtrack for new Felix Van Groeningen film ‘Belgica’. Watch the trailer here.

• Don’t worry everybody, thanks to the unique way the BBC is funded, someone has finally celebrated Adele. And about bloody time, I say. She won two of this year’s Totally Pointless Awards, while Taylor Swift, Hozier and Jack Garret won the others. How totally and utterly and completely and absolutely and fully and frankly pointless. Well done everybody.

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