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CMU@TGE Previews: Reality check – who needs to play ball, and why would they?

By | Published on Wednesday 4 May 2016

The Great Escape

We are now just a couple of weeks away from this year’s edition of new music festival The Great Escape which, once again, will feature the CMU Insights @ The Great Escape conference at the heart of its convention programme. Each day in the CMU Daily, CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke is previewing the sessions we will present this year – currently those in the full-day strand ‘Transparency! Data! Blockchain! Let’s make buzzwords happen!’

‘Data’ has been a talking point at music industry events for years now. Meanwhile ‘transparency’ was the most buzzed buzz word at last year’s CMU Insights @ The Great Escape. And it’s been hard to avoid the ‘blockchain’ jargon in music circles this year. But how can we make any of this happen?

Now, we do occasionally don the cynic hat here at CMU, and those hats will be on full show during the final session of our ‘Let’s make buzzwords happen’ strand later this month. There are all sorts of reasons why current plans for a super efficient music data platform may never get off the ground, and why the ‘transparency’ everyone agrees should be a routine part of the music business will be hard to secure.

But what are those reasons, and how might we overcome them? And assuming there’ll be resistance from at least some powerful entities in the music industry, how can they be persuaded, cajoled or forced to play ball?

In a bid to answer these questions we’ve recruited a fine panel of experts, representatives and cynics (some are all three) to force a firm but positive reality check onto the proceedings. And by that we mean Mediaclarity’s Jeremy Silver, Believe Digital’s Stephen King, PPL’s Mark Douglas, the Music Managers’ Forum’s Annabella Coldrick and IP consultant Amanda Harcourt.

‘Reality check – who needs to play ball, and why would they?’ concludes the buzzwords strand at 4.10pm on Thursday 19 May. Check the full strand outline right about here.

TGE delegates get access to all of CMU Insights @ The Great Escape and all the other festivities that take place over the three days of the festival – passes are £230 and available here. This year tickets are also available for just the convention side of the proceedings for £100 and those can be bought here.