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CMU@TGE Previews: Transparency through technology – and what the hell is the blockchain?

By | Published on Friday 29 April 2016


We are now less than a month away from this year’s edition of new music festival The Great Escape which, once again, will feature the CMU Insights @ The Great Escape conference at the heart of its convention programme. Each day in the CMU Daily, CMU Business Editor Chris Cooke is previewing the sessions we will present this year – currently those in the full-day strand ‘Transparency! Data! Blockchain! Let’s make buzzwords happen!’

The bloody blockchain hey, that’s become quite the talking point of late, hasn’t it? Understand it yet? Well, worry not, Marcus O’Dair, convenor of the ‘Blockchain For Creative Industries Research Cluster’ at Middlesex University, is going to join me at TGE next month, and together we’re going give you the real beginners guide.

After which PledgeMusic founder Benji Rogers, who has been leading the debate on the role the blockchain may play in solving the music industry’s copyright data problem, will update us all on his vision, and how it has developed in recent months.

Then digital music experts Sammy Andrews, Jimmy Mikaoui and Andy Edwards – all vocal proponents of the need for more transparency in the digital music sector and the role technology can play – will then provide their perspectives.

These discussions are, of course, all about trying to improve the efficiency and transparency of the way digital income works its way through the system, and we’ll be exploring the many elements of the debate during the wider data strand at CMU Insights @ The Great Escape, identifying the challenges ahead and hopefully some solutions too. Let’s see if we can, indeed, make some buzzwords happen.

‘Transparency through technology – and what the hell is the blockchain?’ will take place at 1.45pm on Thursday 19 May – find out more about the full-day data strand it is part of here. TGE delegates get access to all of CMU Insights @ The Great Escape and all the other festivities that take place over the three days of the festival – passes are £230 and available here. This year tickets are also available for just the convention side of the proceedings for £100 and those can be bought here.