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Coca Cola seals water bottles with Jessie J’s hair

By | Published on Thursday 15 March 2012

Jessie J

As a special treat for the Olympics, Coca Cola is going to shove Jessie J’s hair on top of its Vitamin Water range. Not her actual hair, obviously. Rather miniature plastic representations of her (apparently) distinctive hairstyle.

What that’s got to do with the Olympics I don’t know, but Coca Cola is apparently an official “worldwide partner and best mate” of this year’s Games. Sorry, I should have given you some warning that I was going to use a marketing phrase as vomit inducing as “worldwide partner and best mate”, it won’t happen again. Except there. Sorry. Oh, the bottles will say “We love Olympic Games” on them as well.

John Luck, Business Manager of Coca-Cola’s water brand Glaceau, which oversees the company’s Vitamin Water and SmartWater products, said: “Jessie J embodies our commitment to bringing fun, colour, flavour and creativity to our consumers during this landmark year”.

I’m still none the wiser what this has to do with the Olympics, or why you’d want a miniature haircut on top of a bottle of weak squash. But there you go.