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Coda becomes Paradigm as UK and US companies merge

By | Published on Monday 22 July 2019

Paradigm Talent Agency

Coda has announced that it is fully merging with Paradigm, five years after the American booking agency took a 50% stake in the London-based company.

“Coda and Paradigm have had tremendous success throughout our five-year partnership, creating opportunities and building enduring careers for a roster of exceptional talent”, says Paradigm CEO Sam Gores. “We look forward to the next chapter as one global company, driven by agents who share an unwavering focus on the artists we represent and the art they create”.

Shunning the standard template for this sort of announcement, the always-good-for-a-quote Alex Hardee, one of Coda’s key agents, adds: “We have achieved the impossible: we found some Americans that we actually get along with”.

His colleague Tom Schroeder chips in: “We are A&R leaders, building creative plans for our clients in an industry that is in a constant state of change. Merging with Paradigm enables us to evolve and challenge a very dynamic marketplace. With this larger Paradigm platform, we can span the globe without losing our personality, ambition, individualism and innovative approach”.

Henceforth, Coda will be known as Paradigm too. But it will continue to be lead by Hardee and Schroeder, along with James Whitting and Dave Hallybone.