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Coldplay launch tour app to help fans reduce carbon footprints while travelling to shows

By | Published on Wednesday 4 May 2022


Coldplay have launched the ‘Music Of The Spheres’ World Tour app, promised last year as part of their efforts to make the live dates as environmentally sustainable as possible.

The app will allow the band to measure and offset the carbon emissions of fans as they travel to the venue, and offer merch discounts to those who choose to travel to any one show via low-carbon means. It also provides information for fans on how to travel in ways that are better for the planet.

“We’re really proud of the ‘Music Of The Spheres’ World Tour app”, say Coldplay. “For the past few years, we’ve been figuring out how to put sustainability at the heart of our tour. The app is a big part of that”.

“You can use the app to figure out the cleanest and greenest ways to get to and from the concert”, they add. “It also allows us to see how people have travelled to and from the shows so that we can drawdown all those emissions. You can also get right to the heart of the tour with exclusive photos, performances and behind-the-scenes access”.

The CEO of the software company that built the app, SAP’s Christian Klein, adds: “With our technology and solutions, we empower organisations worldwide to drive sustainable change. Coldplay and SAP share a common and profound commitment to sustainability, and we are THRILLED to join forces to make their tour as environmentally friendly as possible”.

The app was first trialed at the band’s Latin American shows in March and April. They say that those audience members who used it cut their carbon emissions on their journeys by around 50%, compared to fans attending shows on the band’s last tour.

As well as offering fans attending shows eco-friendly information, support and incentives, Coldplay will also be livestreaming the audio from one of their European shows through the app.

Download the tour app here.