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Concord Bicycle Music acquires Imagem Music Group

By | Published on Monday 5 June 2017


Music publishing company Imagem has been acquired by the US-based Concord Bicycle, it was announced on Friday. As well as the main Imagem Music company, with its catalogue of contemporary music, the purchase also includes the Rodgers & Hammerstein catalogue of theatrical songs and classical music publisher Boosey & Hawkes, both of which Imagem owns.

“These are precious copyrights – they represent some of the best music ever created and we are proud to have an opportunity to represent them to the world”, says Concord Bicycle CEO Scott Pascucci. “Our team looks forward to working with everyone at Imagem Music, Rodgers & Hammerstein and Boosey & Hawkes, as we usher in the next phase of Concord Bicycle Music’s development into an industry leading, full-service music company”.

Imagem was set up in 2008 by Dutch pension fund ABP, initially to buy catalogues Universal Music Publishing had been forced to offload by European regulators. Imagem boss, André de Raaff, confirmed last week’s deal for his side, adding: “I want to thank the ABP for believing and supporting us in creating such a successful and leading worldwide music publishing company in the shortest time ever in history”.

He then thanked “all the composers and catalogue owners who committed to us and experienced the great people working for Imagem and ‘making the difference’. I think that Concord Bicycle, being a true independent, is a wonderful new home for Imagem under the leadership of Scott, Steve [Smith] and Jake [Wisely]”.

The combined Imagem catalogue totals 250,000, bumping the number of works now controlled by Concord Bicycle to 380,000.