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Concord Bicycle’s Fearless acquisition is no Wind-Up

By | Published on Thursday 7 May 2015

Concord Music Group

I don’t care who the winners are on this here election day, let’s all just agree that I win the Headline Of The Day contest. I mean, come on, that’s classic. I’m loathed to actually write this story, I can’t see how it can ever do that headline justice. It’s basically all down hill from here. A bit like what will happen once the results are in tonight.

Anyway, the rather acquisitive US-based Concord Bicycle Music has just bought up American independent labels Wind-Up Records and Fearless Records in a move that, says the music firm, “underscores the company’s commitment to develop and grow its rock and alternative music portfolio”. And I’m sure we can all agree, underscoring commitments to grow portfolio is what it’s all about in this here music making malarkey.

But before you all shout, “hey CMU, you definitely told us back in November 2013 that Bicycle was buying Wind-Up Records then, was that just a vicious lie you put around, knowing how underscored portfolio growth news would get the social networks aflutter and deliver some extra grubby page hits on your shitty website?”, well…

First of all, our website’s not shitty. You should all go have a browse. I mean, look how much we wrote about Grooveshark. Second of all, that was Bicycle buying the Wind-Up Records catalogue. This is it buying the active label and roster. Ha, bet you feel like a fool now. Don’t worry, give me your vote in the Headline Of The Day contest and I’ll forgive you.

Now, I could cut and paste in some quotes here for you all to enjoy. But I’m going to be fearless and wind-up the proceedings early. All you need to know is they talked about “aggressive growth strategies”. Rock n roll.