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Conrad Murray plans to fight to get medical licence back

By | Published on Friday 18 October 2013

Conrad Murray

Dr Conrad Murray, the doctor imprisoned for causing the death of Michael Jackson through negligent treatment, has plans to restart his career in medicine, according to reports.

Murray, who continues to proclaim his innocence in relation to the death of the late king of pop, is due to be released from prison later this month. Murray lost his medical licences in both Texas and California as a result of his conviction, but according to TMZ he is planning on fighting the decisions to revoke those licences once he is out of jail.

TMZ says Murray has a list of patients he treated during his 20 years of practice who are supporting his bid for reinstatement.

Various officials, including the judge in Murray’s trial, have criticised the doctor for not showing any public remorse for his role in the death of Jackson, who died of an overdose of the drug Propofol administered by the doctor, and it seems likely that such criticism will play against the doc if and when the medical licensing boards consider his case.