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Conrad Murray resisting efforts to make him testify at Jacksons v AEG Live court case

By | Published on Wednesday 23 January 2013

Conrad Murray

Katherine Jackson’s lawyers are trying to force Conrad Murray to testify when her civil litigation against AEG Live reaches court.

As previously reported, the Jackson matriarch is suing live music major AEG over the death of her son Michael. She claims that the live music promoter should be held liable for the untimely demise of the late king of pop because it hired Murray, the doctor convicted of causing the singer’s death by negligently providing the drug propofol as a cure for insomnia.

But AEG argues that, while it may have paid Murray’s bills as the promoter of Jackson’s then in-development ‘This Is It’ live shows, the doctor was appointed and subsequently managed by the singer himself, and so the firm cannot be held liable for his negligence.

According to TMZ, Jackson’s team wants Murray to testify, in a bid to prove that the company was very much involved in hiring his services, but then failed to properly supervise him. It’s also thought the Jackson clan may argue that AEG bosses put pressure on Murray to ensure Jackson was fit enough to participate in his gruelling rehearsal schedule, ahead of the planned 50 night London residency that never happened.

But, says the gossip site, Murray doesn’t want to play ball, and his lawyers are trying to fight any attempts to force their client to testify in the Jacksons v AEG case on technical grounds. Said lawyers are also busy working on Murray’s second appeal. As previously reported, the doctor is fighting his manslaughter conviction, while also trying to persuade the courts to let him serve the rest of his prison sentence under house arrest rather than in jail.

Meanwhile Murray himself is reportedly spending his time writing a tell-all book about Michael Jackson’s final few months alive.