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Could Jarvis Cocker appear in a new dystopian fantasy musical? Maybe

By | Published on Tuesday 18 August 2020

Jarvis Cocker

American singer-songwriter Jolie Holland has said that Jarvis Cocker has expressed an interest in appearing in a musical she is writing based on an unnamed 1960s dystopian fantasy novel.

In an update on Instagram, Holland told fans that the latest special release for her Patreon supporters comes from “a musical I am writing … the musical overall is an adaptation of a dystopian/fantasy novel from the 1960s”. Although, she notes, “Lord knows when musicals will happen in this country again”.

She then adds: “Jarvis Cocker expressed interest in being the male lead, which is very exciting. [And] as I continue to write these songs, I am [also] imagining a part for Patti Smith”.

So who knows how this project will progress, but could be interesting!