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Cradle Of Filth discuss Bloodstock attack

By | Published on Thursday 20 August 2009

Cradle Of Filth have hit out at the audience member at the Bloodstock Open Air festival on Saturday who forced them to cut their set short when guitarist Paul Allender was knocked unconscious by an object thrown from the crowd. As previously reported, Allender required medical attention after being hit what has now been confirmed to be a large gobstopper sweet the size of a cricket ball.

They continued:”The paramedics called an ambulance and Paul was taken to hospital with suspected spinal damage. He was subjected to numerous tests before the doctors said they didn’t think Paul had sustained any lasting damage. This act of stupidity caused the show to finish prior to the encore, caused Paul serious pain and everyone else a lot of anxiety. This person is lucky that no one was seriously injured or worse, which could easily have been the case and a serious police matter”.